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Heard Laboratories 9


Heard Laboratories was released on CD by and/OAR in 2010. The album consists of unprocessed, long-take recordings made in various scientific research environments at Harvard University, edited together to make five pieces. The sounds of equipment, devices, and activities draw attention to the physical processes underlying scientific research, the work underway which provides a ground for our highly technologized society. Heard Laboratories brings this background to the fore.

The CD includes liner notes which list edit points, along with descriptions of the research each laboratory is engaged in, so that the listener may follow along and know what kind of laboratory they are hearing at any given moment.

Sound samples and reviews of Heard Laboratories can be found on the and/OAR website.


Related projects:

Heard Laboratories, performed was commissioned by Chicago Sound Map for their 2008 concert, held in the Claudia Cassidy Theater at the Chicago Cultural Center. The piece is in two parts, and uses as its score tracks one and two from the Heard Laboratories CD, resulting in a direct, second-for-second electroacoustic interpretation of that phonographic work. The ensemble consisted of Jen-Clare Paulson (viola), Kevin Davis (cello), Jason Roebke (doublebass), Boris Hauf and Keefe Jackson (saxophones), Jason Stein (bass clarinet), D. Bayne (piano), Michael Hartman (percussion), and Todd Carter and Brian Labycz (electronics), and was conducted by Don Malone. The CD, released on Kuro Neko Music in 2009, consists of a multitracked recording of that live concert, and also features a composition by Olivia Block.

Heard Laboratories, 5-channel Version is a multichannel composition made by overlaying the live recording of Heard Laboratories, performed with the original first two tracks of the Heard Laboratories CD. This piece has been exhibited in the planetarium of Casa das Ciencias as part of the III Edición Mostra de Ciencia e Cinema in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, and in a week of daily screenings in the Whitney Museum of American Art's Film/Video Gallery as part of the 2014 Whitney Biennial.

Outside Laboratories at Night, published as a downloadable track on wandering ear, is a recording of a live performance at AS220 in Providence, using location recordings made outside research laboratory buildings, at night, on the campus of Harvard University. For the performance, the recordings were combined with and/or processed by modular analog electronics.