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Ernst Karel/Bhob Rainey, TBD (Erstwhile, 2023)

Ernst Karel, Sound pieces, Blu-ray special feature for Krabi, 2562 by Ben Rivers and Anocha Suwichakornpong (ANTI-WORLDS, 2020)

Khao Khanap Nam insect/boat sequence (19:25, stereo)
Forensics laboratory (9:33, quad/5.1)
Asram night (11:16, quad/5.1)
Music (6:48, stereo)
Room 754, Thai Hotel (22:01, stereo)
Advertisements, part one (8:50, quad/5.1)
Advertisements, part two: Night market (9:31, quad/5.1)
Lagoon, part one: Two takes and one exit (13:13, quad/5.1)
Lagoon, part two: Floating [extended] (34:48, quad/5.1)

Ernst Karel, Space of consciousness (Chidambaram, early morning), in AnthroVision 4.2 | 2016, Mining Imagination: Ethnographic Approaches Beyond the Written Word, edited by Michaela Schäuble

Ernst Karel, Mycological, 2015

Ernst Karel, Silvester 11, on A Simple Procedure (Estuary Ltd., 2015)

Helen Mirra and Ernst Karel, Maps of parallels 41°N and 49°N at a scale of ten seconds to one degree (Sshpuma, 2015)

Ernst Karel, Mycological [condensed excerpt], in Exact Change, No. 11, Sept 2014

Ernst Karel, Dreiländereck (Very Quiet Records: Static, 2013)

New England Phonographers Union, "Sewage Treatment Plant", on A Media Archaeology of Boston (DER, 2013)

Ernst Karel, Materials Recovery Facility (Sensing the Unseen, Sensate Journal, 2012)

Ernst Karel, "Plattenbau (Abfall herausgenommen)", contribution to framework seasonal:::autumn 2011

Ernst Karel, Swiss Mountain Transport Systems (Gruenrekorder, 2011)

more information | reviews

EKG, contribution to Michelangelo Antonioni: Trilogy And Epilogue (and/OAR, 2010)

Ernst Karel, Heard Laboratories (and/OAR, 2010)

more information | reviews

Ernst Karel/Annette Krebs, Falter 1-5 (Cathnor, 2010)

Duo with Annette Krebs, recorded in Berlin in 2006, mixed 2007-08, mastered 2009. reviews

EKG, Electricals (another timbre, 2009)

Field, Drift, Current, Resistance, Interval. info | reviews | bandcamp

Chicago Sound Map, Performs Compositions by Olivia Block and Ernst Karel (Kuro Neko, 2008)

My composition, Heard Laboratories, performed, uses tracks 1 & 2 of Heard Laboratories as a score for a live performance by an ensemble of acoustic and electronic instruments.

Sharon Lockhart/Ernst Karel/et al. Sound Safari: Bath, Maine (Film Study Center, 2008)

EKG & Giuseppe Ielasi, Group (Formed, 2006)

Ernst and Kyle are joined by Giuseppe. info | reviews

EKG, No sign (Sedimental, 2005)

Wind instruments alter and are altered by analog electronics. info | reviews

Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra, Instant landscape (Terry Plumming, 2005)

Fred's trademark large ensemble on an obscure label, with Guillermo Gregorio, Liz Payne, Woody Sullender, Ben Vida, Michael Zerang, TV Pow, et al. Tracks are downloadable as MP3s at Terry Plumming.

Television Power Electric, 2 (Kuro Neko Music, 2004)

The TV Pow-based large ensemble, this time with Toshimaru Nakamura and Boris Hauf.

Relay Signals (Lucky Kitchen, 2004)

Chicago electroacoustic quintet with Tim Daisy, Jason Ajemian, Zoe Buck, and Aram Shelton.

Who cares how long you sink (Lucky Kitchen, 2004)

A group devoted to the slower aesthetic of musical movement, or sound as organic growth. With Jason Ajemian, Matt Bauder, Tim Daisy, Jeff Parker, Aram Shelton, and others.

Helen Mirra/Ernst Karel, on Sound writing 10" lathe-cut compilation (DeadCEO, 2004)

A rare collaboration with Helen Mirra.

Ernst Karel, "1/3 TVP 24.02.02", on TV Pow, Powerful Friends And Devoted Lovers, (Bottrop Boy, 2004)

For a performance on 24 Feb 2002, I substituted for one of the members of TV Pow. I used a recording of my part of that performance as the basis for the composition I contributed to this collection of TV Pow remixes.

EKG, Object 2 (Locust Music, 2003)

EKG's first full-length album, for Locust's unfortunately short-lived Object series.

Ernst Karel, Fern Room (BOXmedia, 2002)

A stereo version of a piece composed as a quadraphonic sound installation for the dense Fern Room of Chicago's Lincoln Park Conservatory. Commissioned by the Experimental Sound Studio, this was the first in the ongoing Florasonic series.

Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Lightbox Orchestra, First Contact! (Locust Music, 2002)

With Jim O'Rourke, Kevin Drumm, Jeb Bishop, Guillermo Gregorio, Liz Payne, Carrie Biolo, Ben Vida, members of TV Pow, and more.

Ernst Karel, on Noise brunch sampler plate 2 x 3" CDR compilation (CIP, 2002)

Ernst Karel/Brent Gutzeit/Jason Soliday, 'Splinter 3', and Boris Hauf/Ernst Karel/Michael Hartman [OrErAr], 'Un', both on Winter construction (DeadCEO, 2002)

Ernst Karel, 'Apostrophe', on Simmer: new electronic music from Chicago (boxMEDIA, 2001)

EKG, Shift or latch (Crank Satori, 2001)

3" CDR, composed of material recorded by Todd A. Carter in his studio, and live material performed in the Chicago Cultural Center.

Television Power Electric, Television Power Electric (Gentle Giant, 1999)

The first recording by this large electronic ensemble, with Jim Baker, Otomo Yoshihide, Aaron Bergman, Rob Wilkus, and of course TV Pow.

The Improvisation Meeting in Chicago (Radio Off Duty, 1998)

Recorded in the Hanco Building on South Michigan Ave. in Chicago, with David Grubbs, Michael Hartman, Taku Sugimoto, Masahiko Okura, and others.

Myopic Bookstore Improvised Music Workshop Vol. One (BOXmedia, 1998)


Blowhole, Billowing Sheen (Apraxia/Animist, 1996)

Blowhole's first and only CD, which aside from one track taken from the cassette recording of our infamous 1995 performance at Lollapallooza, didn't really reflect what we were doing as a group in those days.

Blowhole, Reassembled (b/b Tapes, 1995)

This cassette was reissued on CDR by Lunhare in 2008.

Blowhole, Gathering LP (Giardia/Fusetron/Carburetor, 1995)

With Patrick Barber, Jeph Jerman, Hyla Willis, and Amy Denio.

Kalberer Hotel Supply, Various Lives cassette (Apraxia, 1994)

With Key Ransone (of Small Cruel Party), Patrick Barber, and Ben Trissel.

plays trumpet as a guest on:

Konrad Sprenger, Versprochen (Schoolmap, 2009)

The Missing Ensemble, Zeropolis (Low Impedence, 2007)

The M's, The M's (Brilliante, 2004)

Central Falls, Love and easy living (Truckstop, 2003)

Olivia Block, Mobius Fuse (Sedimental Records, 2001)

The Incredible Moses Leroy, Electric Pocket Radio (Ultimatum/Artemis, 2001)

Bobby Conn, The Golden Age (Thrill Jockey, 2001)

Bobby Conn, Llovessonngs (Thrill Jockey, 1999)

Simon Joyner, The Lousy Dance (Truckstop, 1999)

David Grubbs, The Thicket (Drag City, 1998)

Negativland, Happy Heroes (Seeland, 1998)

Aiko Shimada, Bright and Dark (Bera, 1995)

Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger (A&M, 1991)