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miscellaneous audio available online, in reverse chronological order:


Space of consciousness (Chidambaram, early morning)
in 'Mining Imagination: Ethnographic Approaches Beyond the Written Word'
edited by Michaela Schäuble
AnthroVision 4.2 | 2016
Visual Anthropology Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists


Mycological (2015)


Helen Mirra and Ernst Karel, Maps of parallels 41°N and 49°N at a scale of ten seconds to one degree (Sshpuma, 2015)


Leviathan post-credit sequence
Non-Event 2014 Year-in-Review Podcast, part 2, very end of track 2:


Morning and Other Times (2014)


Dreiländereck (2013), published in Very Quiet Records' Static series of long-take recordings from fixed locations.



Edited excerpt of Materials Recovery Facility
Web feature, The Wire Magazine, Issue #333, November 2011


Ernst Karel & Annette Krebs, Falter 1-5 (Cathnor 2010)
listen, purchase CD, or download full album on the Cathnor site

'Falter 2' is also excerpted on the Non-Event 2010 Podcast, Episode 2:

reviews of Falter 1-5


Heard Laboratories (and/OAR 2010)
excerpts available at and/OAR


Heard Laboratories on radio arthur: spring 2012, über Stoffe und Formen


EKG, Electricals (Another Timbre, 2009)


Outside Laboratories at Night, live performance at AS220, Providence RI, 26 May 2007, available as free download on Wandering Ear


live radio performance, 7 June 2007, on Rare Frequency, WZBC-FM


EKG: planned 10" vinyl record, never materialized, released in 2008 in MP3 format as part of WFMU's Free Music Archive


Sound Safari: Bath, Maine, led by Sharon Lockhart and Ernst Karel, recorded by a group of Harvard students over the course of a long March 6, 2008, in Bath, and edited collaboratively:

Sound Safari: Bath, Maine by sensoryethnographylab


EKG & Giuseppe Ielasi, Group (Formed Records 2006)
'Detach' (track 1):

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Contributions to the compilation Vacation for Hourly Employees, released in a limited edition of 50 CDRs on BOXmedia in 2003.

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From Relay Signals (Lucky Kitchen 026). Ernst Karel (analog electronics)/Tim Daisy (percussion), recorded summer 2003.


Fern Room: stereo version of a through-composed quadraphonic sound installation in the Fern Room of the Lincoln Park Conservatory, November 8, 2001 - January 6, 2002, commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio for the Florasonic sound installation series and presented in conjunction with the Outer Ear Festival of Sound. This stereo version was originally released in 2002 in a limited edition of 50 CDRs on BOXmedia in 2002, and re-released on JMY in 2023.


'Apostrophe', trumpet and analog modular electronics, on the compilation Simmer: New Electronic Music from Chicago, released in an edition of 200 CDRs with hand printed covers on BOXmedia in 2001.

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The compilation Winter Construction (Dead CEO, 2001) containing tracks by Ernst Karel/Brent Gutzeit/Jason Soliday and Boris Hauf/Ernst Karel/Michael Hartman (OrErAr) is available on


EKG's debut recording, Shift or latch, a 3" CDR released by Crank Satori in 2001, is out of print, but available at the


A selection from Shift or latch is included in this mix by Mike Shiflet of music from 3" CDRs (EKG is at 34:00):

17 From The Three Inch Archives by MIKE SHIFLET by Theliminal on Mixcloud


trumpet on Electric Pocket Radio, The Incredible Moses Leroy (Ultimatum/Artemis, 2001)


Live recording of Ernst Long and Brent Gutzeit live at the Nervous Center, Chicago - 05.10.99.
From Brent Gutzeit's Living under a thin film (1999), featuring collaborations with Ernst Karel, Kevin Drumm, Jim O'Rourke, Tetuzi Akiyama, Todd Carter, and others, available to stream or download at


Television Power Electric, from a session recorded 25 October 1998 at ODUM, Chicago, with Jim Baker, Aeron Bergman, Todd Carter, Brent Gutzeit, Michael Hartman, Ernst Long Karel, R. Wilkus, and Otomo Yoshihide (Kuro Neko Music)



From the 1995 cassette Feedback Nation, released on Animist Recording. Patrick Barber (bass) and Ernst Karel (trumpet, electronics).

From the 1993 cassette Innards, released on Apraxia Music Research. Jeph Jerman (drums and guitar), Ernst Long (amplified trumpet), and Patrick Barber (bass). Recorded at Les Studios Magnetophone Incroyable in Seattle.

Explicit Catharsis, Blowhole's 1994 (or so) cassette released by Union Pole, from Olympia, Washington, is now available, with cover image and track names, on Union Pole's website. Side A is the NW group, and Side B is mainly electrified trumpet and bass duos (Ernst Karel/Patrick Barber) from a live performance which may have taken place in Vancouver BC.

Union Pole Tapes


Cassette Field Recordings, Thailand 1993
part of compilation with 106 artists, released June 2020 to benefit Black Lives Matter